Limited Lifetime Warranty

Because of our years of testing and solid performance, we have in place a limited lifetime warranty on all our Hoze Assemblies. The one part of the first spraying systems that was once a problem, is a problem no more.

This warranty covers any seal failure of the hose assembly, or failure of the hose itself, under normal film/tint/PPF installation conditions, for a *lifetime. This includes all components of the assembly, connections, and trigger assembly.

This warranty does not cover neglect, or misuse. This warranty applies to the hose assembly itself, and does not include tank adapters/disconnects, or the tank itself.

This warranty is null and void if the assembly is altered in any way from its original form, or if the assembly is used in a manner in which it wasn’t designed, or if it has been abused/damaged**.

To file a claim, send us an email, stating the nature of the situation where failure occurred, and include pictures of said failure along with a copy of your original receipt. We will then send you a call tag for the products to be shipped to our Warranty Processing Department for evaluation. Upon clearance and approval from the warranty dept, a replacement assembly will be sent back to you.

**If your assembly has been mistakenly damaged, and is not covered for warranty replacement, we will still honor you as a customer, and rebuild/repair your assembly at minimal costs. If you know you need repairs that are not covered, just send us an email, and we will gladly serve your needs.

*Lifetime expectancy of a shop pressure sprayer assembly is 20 years, though we have seen our own ongoing tests still in action today, after 22+ years. We will stand behind this product!!