About our Nozzles and Triggers

Are there options for triggers and nozzles?? Yes. We use precision Even Flat Spray TeeJet brand nozzles on our stock units, along with the same in high quality brass trigger bodies as standard equipment. We also offer an optional adjustable nozzle for those installers that are looking for some serious flushing power for PPF installs. To have your unit built with the plastic TriggerJet® body please contact us directly.

We use filters made for the TeeJet system, at the nozzle. A filter placed in the line, won’t stop contaminants that build up in the line. The 200 mesh filter has, along with our whole setup, proven itself in filtering installation fluids effectively.

Our spraying setup has been engineered and tested to be the most efficient, both for the installer, and in water usage/conservation. In our observance and testing of the typical window film installation with various nozzles, we see that some nozzle types produce entirely too much water, and many had a “cone” pattern – we haven’t seen many “round” windows in our industry as a standard, and we can’t find efficiency in a “round” spray pattern. Basically the window is covered twice as much with water as what the installation needs, using a cone nozzle. The Even Flat Spray nozzle allows you to more or less “paint” your slip into place without overdoing it.

All of our spraying systems and hose assemblies use the brass trigger and Even Flat Spray precision nozzles as standard equipment, but can be used as is with an adjustable nozzle as well.

The trigger – We have tried and tested nearly every option out there, and the brass trigger we use today is the same brass trigger that proved solid in EVERY test we put it through. It will not fail you, and you will not be looking for a replacement anytime soon.

The Nozzles – Our choice of nozzle is the Even Flat Spray version of the Tee Jet brand nozzles, color coded and with Stainless Steel insert. There are cheaper plastic, stainless, and brass variations of these nozzles on the market, but all those options either produce failure at some point, or carry a high potential for unwanted damage to materials or the customer’s property. The other option we carry is the adjustable cone-jet nozzle by TeeJet®.

The Filter – After using many filters, both in recent testing, and in past work environments, the one filter type that has proven solid, is the filter at the tip. As far as “mesh”, “micron”, “particulate”, or other names for filters, it is very simple – anything finer than mesh of 100, will allow only particles through that we can’t even see, even under a film. Additionally, any spraying system will develop some level of bacteria/slime build-up in the lines leading to the nozzle, and if that happens after your filter, your filter didn’t save the day. Filter at the nozzle, with a mesh that doesn’t allow particles through. Simple.

We have tried most all of the options out there, and intend to provide the option that will not fail you in the field.