Welcome to Tint Hozilla.com. We are a Georgia based business, with a goal to make the film installer’s job easier, and more efficient. It is our mission to pursue and provide the very best, in quality tools and equipment for film installation.

Our hose assembly and 3 gallon pump sprayer is where it all started. In the mid 90’s our founder, Jeff, went to work in a shop where 3 gallon pump sprayers were used. This was a whole new experience for him, but a good one. The advantage of the long run time of a large capacity sprayer was great – until another trigger handle broke, or a hose began to leak. Jeff was fed up with useless downtime, fixing or replacing handles, so he set out to fix the problem, and that he did. He completely rebuilt the hoses and nozzles on those old tear-drop sprayers. The hose assembly we sell today, is unchanged in design since Jeff put the first ones in service full time in late 1994.

The original two hoses that somehow survived the journey between 95ish and now. First edition, 1994, is to the right (we stole the trigger ;)), and the second one, rebuilt in spring of ’95

However, to date, they have been upgraded to the Legacy brand FlexZilla hose, as well as other trusted manufacturers.

One of the original setups still used every day. Switched to FlexZilla hose only for flexibility. Picture taken after some vigorous testing.

“I have enjoyed my career as a Film Installer since I first took the full time plunge in 1991, but believe it or not, the one shining star in my memories of this journey has been the sprayer and its dependability. Even back in the Poly Spray 2 Days, there were fairly consistent problems. “Don’t kick that bottle over!!” Who remembers?? Well, then came the tear-drop 3 gallon sprayers with the thumb plastic trigger, that usually lasted about half of a good summer season, IF you treated them kindly. Spring of 1993, I had gone to work in a shop tinting 7-10 vehicles a day….in the 90’s (the cars were not as gravy as they are now)…..when the shop I came from did good to get four out in a day. I was working my tail off, and didn’t have time for a broke down sprayer!! – I took one home with me one weekend, never to be returned the same, and never to fail me again!! It got the works: Goodyear Hose, crimped Brass connections, brass nozzle. I didn’t market this idea, I just used it. It was, and still is, my very own problem solver in a film wetting system.” – Jeff Welch

In late 2017, Tint Hozilla brand was brought to life, and webstore went under construction. Since then, the 3 gallon original unit has been discontinued, due to the high demand of the more dependable stainless keg style sprayers. We offer several sizes of the sprayer units, and continuously pursue the highest build quality and components.  Additionally, we intend to stay at the leading edge of installation technology, constantly in pursuit of the next product or service that may make your job as an installer or shop owner, more efficient and more profitable.

Thank you for taking the time to find out a little about who we are, and what we are about!

We love to help, and welcome anyone with questions to get in touch with us. We love feedback and hope we have what you are looking for. If there is something you don’t see on our website feel free to get in touch. Thank you!